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Drowning Investigation

Because the truth matters to you, and to us...

Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury causing death. Unfortunately there is a prevailing attitude that drowning is just an expected consequence of our water loving culture. To this end, the media, and even official agencies hastily call any water-related death a drowning. But our team of experts may beg to differ.
Drowning Investigation

Service Overview

The unexpected death of a loved one is difficult enough time for family and friends without the added burden of not knowing exactly what happened, or the circumstances leading up to a water-related death or drowning.
Whilst we cannot, and will not usurp the role of a pathologist or the Coroner, we have access to world-leading experts in drowning detection, drowning behaviour, drowning physiology and resuscitation that sometimes those involved in an investigation may not.
Our team has reviewed video footage, eyewitness statements, findings of official investigations and subsequently raised questions or provided further insight that other investigators had not considered, but were pertinent nonetheless to the case.
The input we have provided is included on a number of official reports and coronial inquests that are entered on the public record. If you want an independent team of experts to review an incident, we are one of very few organisations qualified to do so.

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