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Night Rescue Kits

Now in its third generation, our Pelican Night Rescue Kit was developed and tested for use by surf lifeguards on Auckland's West Coast. It is now supplied to surf life saving clubs throughout New Zealand, and although designed for use in an inshore marine environment, it's also suitable for other applications too. We stock these kits with only the finest, field-quality tested components, and each kit is made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Pelican 1600 Night Rescue Kit

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Each kit is supplied complete (with batteries) and includes:
  • Pelican 1600 Waterproof Case
  • Reflective Exterior Signage
  • Customised Foam Inserts
  • Flight-Site Helicopter Landing Kit
  • Pelican Nemo Dive Torches (4)
  • Pelican LED Headlamps (2)
  • Xenec Personal Strobe Lights (4)
  • LED Navigation Lights (2 sets)
  • White Rocket Parachute Flare
  • Red Rocket Parachute Flare
  • Red Handheld Flares (2)
  • Day Smoke Flare
  • Pelican LED Lid Light
  • Green Cyalume Lightsticks (2)
  • Red Cyalume Lightsticks (2)
  • Reflective Arm Bands (4)
  • Spare Batteries
  • Cable Ties

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