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Suppliers of quality safety, medical, and
​ rescue equipment the professionals use

About Us

Our Vision

To improve patient outcomes from drowning and water-related injury.

Our Mission

To be a leading supplier of products and services to the water safety sector.
About Us

Our Values

  • Patients Come First

    Our business is all about what's best for patients and what will preserve, save, or ultimately restore their quality of life from drowning or water-related injury. We believe all aspects of what we do should be underpinned by this and measured by our combined success in achieving these goals.

  • Customer Service

    Our customers are partners in saving lives. We recognise this shared goal in the level of customer service we provide. Our goal is to exceed customer's expectations and form long-lasting relationships. We appreciate our customers have a choice when it comes to suppliers and value them accordingly.

  • Ethics & Integrity

    We are responsible to our customers, staff, suppliers and the wider drowning-prevention and aquatic-rescue community. We do not take ethical or professional shortcuts, and our interactions with our customers, statutory bodies and all sectors of society must reflect the high standards we profess to uphold.

  • Innovation

    We are committed to using the latest technology and working with our customers to develop innovative products and training solutions that equip staff with the lifesaving tools they require. Our products are constantly reviewed, updated and customised to keep pace with our customers changing needs and evidence-based practice.